What is PBP?

Doctrine Coach Trev Williams is in Paris for “the Mecca Event of the Randoneurring (long distance cycling) World”; the Paris-Brest-Paris. “PBP” as it’s called, is an event that is held every four years and will have over 7,000 cyclists riding 1,200km from Paris to the coast and back. Trev has had to complete eight qualifying events (2 x 200, 300, 400, 600) just to show up for ‘the big show”. He is extremely excited and nervous but also ready to go! It’s been raining there but the weather looks to be improving. ?

If you would like to follow his progress during the event they start on Aug 19th at 5am (Paris time), and will do 447km the first day. He hopes the total time will be 3.5 days. He has a satellite spot set up to follow him on his journey; the link is here.

Good luck Trev!

Footnote: Trev runs power based cycling computrainer classes for LYNX at JCC October – April. Details can be found here. Contact coaches@lynxtriathlon.ca to register.