Swim Services

1-2-1 Video Analysis / Stroke Correction Sessions

Whether you are just getting into swimming or very experienced and looking to break records, you can’t underestimate the benefit of learning proper technique. These sessions with Coach Mary are ideal if you have unanswered questions about why you might have plateaued in your swim performance or if what you are doing in your swim training sessions is the most effective way for you to improve. These video analysis sessions can also help identify if your stroke is contributing to any niggles which could lead to injury down the road.

  • Offered daily, ┬ávarious locations and times available
    • Your stroke will be filmed above and below the water from a range of comprehensive angles
    • You will receive a 20-30 min. in-depth recorded stroke analysis and learn what is holding you back in your swimming
    • Correction work in the pool will teach you how to work on your stroke deficiencies
    • Radio assisted communication while you are swimming provides immediate feedback about your stroke
    • Facility access, a link to your recorded video analysis and a summary email of your session are all included

Pricing (including GST)

  • 90-minute private video analysis session $200
  • Two-hour private session $265
  • 60-minute follow-up sessions $135
  • Semi-private options available upon request

Private Swim Instruction

60-minute private session in a pool or open water:

  • Learn to swim
  • Tune up your stroke
  • No video included

Pricing (including GST)

  • Private sessions $120
  • Semi-private (2 swimmers) $180
  • Facility access included

Customized Training Plans

Customized coached training plans offer a safe progression of training load and incorporate essential recovery days to maximize training effect. Workouts are delivered weekly in a calendar within an online platform and are tracked in a training log that is monitored by a LYNX coach. Athletes can upload data, offer feedback, and ask questions in their log and a LYNX coach will answer questions, monitor progress, and keep the athlete accountable

Pricing (including GST)

  • Intake meeting $80
  • Multi-sport Plan $275/month
  • Single sport Plan $175/month