~I am building a fire and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match ~ Unknown

A  workout is essentially a ‘roadmap’ that clearly identifies the steps needed to take to reach a desired destination. Having a workout plan provides you with structure so you aren’t wondering what to do next, and also helps you meet goals and prevent burnout.

Try our free workouts below. Efficiency and consistency are key in your training regime.


A good swim warm-up is essential for setting yourself up for success during the main-set or “meat” of your swim training session. We cover what should be included in a good swim warm-up in this post and you will find all these components in our Favorite Warm-Up.

One of the three keys to becoming a better swimmer is to spend some time working on your swim technique. This Pure_technique_drill_session includes drills that will help you work on your posture and alignment, entry, catch, rotation and more.

Being able to actively recover while swimming is a skill that needs to be practiced. In this Tech speed active recovery session written by club member Tay B you will get to work on this skill.

2600m Moderate Effort Swim

Pull Phase Focused Swim

Ratchet your pace Swim


Pink Mist Ladder

Negative split 300s

Tech_150 or 300s_and 25s

Pink Mist 10 x 300

200s with recovery 50s

Breathing pattern exploration

Tech_16 x 100 CSS declining rest

Tech_Endr_drills_steady swim

Endurance 2-3 x 800

CSS_Endurance Broken 1500




Looking for some quality trainer rides to complement your outdoor riding? Here are a few courtesy of The Doctrine Training Ltd.

5 x 5 min @ 100 percent of FTP effort!

20 x 30 ON! 30 Off