Swimming & Cycling Training Camp

Oliver, BC
May 14-18, 2020

Hosted in partnership with

This training camp suits triathletes of all abilities targeting half and full Ironman distance races. As well, pure cyclists interested in Gran Fondos, charity rides, and multi-day cycling events are also a great fit.

Swimming at camp:

During the morning open water swims sessions, Coach Mary will be in a canoe leading you through some skills-based swim sessions to prepare you for your next triathlon. Sessions include things like how to put your wetsuit on properly, staying calm while swimming in open water, sighting and drafting practice and mass starts from the beach and in deep water. It’s a treat to swim in open water in May and these sessions are a great way to kick start your open water swim training. If you are a pure cyclist you can sleep in or enjoy your morning coffee watching the session from the beach.




Cycling at camp:

Planned daily rides will be 2-5 hours depending on your goals / desires. While being coached and guided by Trev Williams of The Doctrine Training Ltd., you will get to experience climbs of length simply not attainable in Calgary and surrounding area. This, along with amazing scenery and additional support crew, allows you to get in lots of quality early season outdoor training. Trev has been coaching and guiding in this region for over 20 years and truly is an expert with respect to planning amazing cycling routes.




Total camp experience

This training camp is a great mix of quality fitness opportunities and camaraderie with like-minded athletes of varying backgrounds. Each night we preview the next day’s ride. Coaches take care to organize athletes into groups according to their goals and abilities. This results in each camper having a positive, successful and approriately supported experience. When the day’s cycling is complete, campers tend to hang out at the resort with a beverage of choice and chat about their experiences that day.

Food is not included; however, all have access to kitchenettes either in their room / suite or nearby. After settling in, campers tend to hit the nearby grocery store to purchase breakfast food, ride nutrition and snacks. Two group dinners are coordinated and prepared ahead of time (dietary restrictions can be accommodated). Another dinner is at the spectacular Burrowing Owl Estate Winery and Friday night is “Steak on the Lake” at the resort. Each person pays their bill at the Burrowing Owl and the additional group dinner costs are pooled and then split among campers. This makes evening meals extremely cost effective.




Training Camp Includes:

  • 4 nights of accommodation at the Lakeside Resort
  • Airport shuttle transfer to and from the Penticton Airport (when on recommended flights)
  • 4 complete days of professionally guided, coached & supported cycling in the Southern Okanagan region.
  • Morning coached open water swim sessions in the lake steps away from your room
  • Fun & fitness as well as some rest & relaxation in a beautiful vineyard region.

Cost: $1200+GST based on double occupancy. $1360+GST for single rooms. $500 deposit required at time of registration.

Recommended Flights for transfer service to and from resort:

Outgoing flight: WestJet 3281 Depart Calgary: Thu May 14, 2020 2:25pm

Returning flight: WestJet 3280 Depart Penticton: Mon May 18, 2020 3:15pm

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