For me personally, swimming is my favorite workout- but I know this is not the case for everyone!
Tips to boost your motivation to get to the pool:
  • Have a plan. A great swim set can make all the difference! Having a planned workout going into a swim is a great way to hold you accountable and also helps the time pass quickly! You can find some swim workouts here.
  • Make deals with yourself. I always like to tell myself a little white lie like “okay this doesn’t have to be a long swim! I can swim 25 minutes then leave!”. Usually once I get going I don’t want to stop.
  • Meet someone at the pool. Having a swim buddy is another secret weapon! On the days you’re struggling to hit the pool, friends (or dads) can push you, and you can do the same on their off days!
  • Remember that training helps! I will also remind myself that getting in the pool is really the only way to maintain swim fitness; the fear of being gassed at my next swim (usually Thursday nights!) is sometimes the push I need.

Having said all this, it’s also good to keep in perspective what the pros and cons are of a swim session. If I’m feeling extremely tired and rundown, I know the benefits of some extra sleep will outweigh the training effects of getting in the pool. Moderation and keeping goals in perspective helps me stay healthy and maintain my motivation.

Coach Mary comments: Some great advice in your post Tay! I am a big advocate of point 3 above – ‘making deals with myself’.  In addition to the minimum time limit deal making, I also create some “if / then” rewards like “if I swim for 30 minutes, I then get to go in the hot tub” or “if I finish a solid main-set without giving up mentally, then a get to grab a special tea or coffee on my way home.”  This deal making can be quite effective when needing a little motivation boost.