Top 10 Ways to be an Awesome Squad Swimmer!

10. Show up on deck 5 minutes early and be ready to get in on time.

9. Have all your equipment with you (fins, pull buoy, paddles, tempo trainer, water bottle).

8. Have a “can do” attitude or at least a smile on your face…even if it’s fake!

7. Listen to the coach when they are explaining the workout.

6. Take off at least 5 seconds after the swimmer ahead of you.

5. Swim all the way to the wall at the end of an interval and then quickly move to the side so others have room to touch or turn.

4. Seed yourself appropriately – if you are the fastest in the lane, lead!

3. Support your lane mates with encouraging words. You’re all in it together!

2. Work hard and have fun!

1. Don’t pee in the pool ?

More specifically, the notes below highlight a few points which you may not be aware of if you are not from a swimming background. Good lane etiquette helps everyone enjoy the sessions that much more.

  • When you are resting between intervals, try not to hang out on the wall in the middle of the lane. When you finish an interval, touch the wall and then immediately move to one side so that those who are still swimming can access the wall to turn or finish. It’s very frustrating for a person who is still swimming to arrive at the wall where there is no room to touch or turn.


  • Try to swim close to the lane ropes rather than the middle of the lane. This will limit the risk of collisions and make passing easier. If you come upon someone who you would like to pass, tap their feet twice so they know you are there. This signals to them that they should move to the side at the end of the length and allow you to swim through. Alternatively, you can pass a swimmer in the middle of the lane as long as you tap their feet and you look ahead to confirm that you can clear anyone swimming in the opposite direction. As long as you have enough juice to get by the other swimmer, and you can do so without a head-on collision, you may. If in doubt, however, wait for the wall.


  • Try not to draft other swimmers unless it is being done as a drill or exercise. Drafting is a great skill to acquire but when swimming in pool sessions try not to draft others. If you are constantly catching another swimmer please move in front of them at the end of the lane. If you are the swimmer being caught please let the other swimmer go in front of you at the wall. Neither swimmer should lose out on their swim or have it interrupted if this plan is followed.


  • We all want to enjoy our swim sessions and very few people intentionally do the wrong thing. If someone causes you angst within the lane, just politely tell them what they need to do as chances are they weren’t aware they were doing anything wrong!

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