Feeling a little sluggish after running indoors all winter?
Did you know that running intervals can be a great way to increase your long distance race pace?

Here’s why:

Interval training is the most effective way to increase your body’s ability to get oxygen to your muscles (increase in capillaries) as well as increase your body’s ability to produce energy.  These adaptations allow your body to maintain a faster pace, over longer periods of time – similar to the results of high volumes of endurance training, but in much less time!
Of course, having a strong aerobic base is key for longer distance running and triathlon events, but adding in specific interval training will significantly augment those adaptations!
Amanda Regnier, M.Sc., CSCS
Thanks for the training tip Coach Amanda!  

Come run intervals with us!

Looking to build some speed?  Or get some feedback on your running form? Then these sessions are for you!  All levels welcome! Starting in May, we will be meeting weekly at the Glenmore Aquatic Centre parking lot for a coached interval based run session, including a dynamic warm up (including drills), main set + recovery exercises.  Dynamic warm up completed as a group, but the main set will be adjusted based on fitness level. Sessions are intended to introduce athletes to basic plyometrics (jumping) and provide feedback on proper running technique aimed at improving performance in the endurance athlete.

Contact coaches@lynxtriathlon.ca for more details and to register