Post contributed by Karleen Scase

The start of a swim in any race can be a point of anxiety. This is often traced to the normalcy of chaotic swim starts where swimmers are aiming for a good position. A good start means a better position to avoid the so called “washing machine” and potential of finding a good draft. 

Dolphin dives are a quick and efficient way to move through the water at the start of a race when it is too shallow to swim and too deep to run. 

  1. Dive down into the water and reach forward. Remember to squeeze your head between you arms. You must always protect your neck!
  2. Grab bottom with your hands, drive your feet to your hands.
  3. Drive off your legs and dive forward into the water, throwing your arms out ahead of you. With this forward motion you will gain extra momentum and cover greater distance. 
  4. Remember to drop your chin and lift your hips in the dolphin motion to avoid belly flopping,  propel yourself forward. And dive agin

This is a faster motion then swimming alone. Dolphin dive until your are deep enough to start swimming. 

The Principal of dolphin diving is the same in oceans and flat water.

It is worth practicing to get the quick swim start. It can be practiced in the shallow end of a swim pool in addition to your open water swims.

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Happy Training!