Calling all runners!

Joint health is CRUTIAL to not only improve performance but also prevent injury – and can be improved in 10-15 minutes/ day! Signs of an unhealthy joint include clicking/ grinding and locking feelings which often leads to pain in our shoulders/ hips and knees.  Although we can usually run though this pain in the short term, eventually we will be forced to take time off training, leaving us with significant damage to those joints in the long term.

So what’s the solution??

Get your joints gliding smoother than a skate on ice by sending blood and nutrients to them DAILY. Since your joints are avascular (they do not have a constant blood supply of their own) the only way our joints are going to begin to heal is if they receive oxygen and nutrients through full range of motion exercises.  So what do these exercises look like?  Let me show you on Sunday June 30that 10 am in Glenmore Athletic Park! 

Session includes: