⁉️Have you ever been told you have tight hips or that your glutes aren’t firing⁉️


?Well, glutes don’t just turn off ? (we would crumple to the ground). More accurately, they might not be working to their full potential.

?Why does this happen❓ Sometimes, when the JOINT CAPSULE at our hips isn’t working properly (grinding/ clicking/ pinching) when we move our leg, the muscles in and around our hips (ex. glutes ) can’t function properly.

?If this happens for too long, those inhibited muscles can start to get weak, and other muscles (that aren’t supposed to) begin to take up the slack for the lack of glutes.

?Since all of our muscles are CONNECTED (we aren’t robots with separate segments) when one part of our body isn’t working properly, other parts of our body can become overworked/ overused to compensate leading to MORE injuries. ?❌

?Moral of the story ??


…and may you have a long and injury – free running career?? ??

Coach Amanda Regnier specializes in strength training for runners and her gym is located in Makin Hoops. For more details visit her Running with Regnier website HERE.