As the leaves turn color far too quickly, our sights turn to the opportunity to progress at our cycling goals in the concentrated, social environment of the Doctrine Cycling Studios.    Classes resume on October 7 and there are still three weeks until we can get into a groove again and start enjoying these sessions.

What can you do to prepare?

Pick a class and plan for it.  Figure out which awesome class(es) you’re going to take – there are early morning, lunch hour, evening options as well as a Sunday brick.  And then start ensuring your family / work routine supports you being away for your chosen time block. Now is the time to start adapting so that you’re ready to go by class start.

Figure out your “why”.  We all choose computrainer cycling classes for different reasons. We want to become better cyclists overall but there can be more specific goals too. Perhaps you want to ensure you are ready for a specific road race, triathlon, charity ride, Gran Fondo, training camp or cycling vacation. It’s worth spending some time thinking about your specific motivation so that once you hit these classes you are excited and ready to commit to missing as few as possible.

Start supplemental fitness now. Including other types of fitness into your training regime is a good way to augment fitness gains on the bike. Whether it’s load bearing work or coordination based exercise, now is the time to slowly build that into your schedule so you don’t need to make too many changes all at once. This will set you up for sustainable fall and winter training.

For more information or to register for a computrainer class, training camp or cycling vacation please contact us at