I got to check out The Doctrine’s new running studio for a “test class” ahead of classes starting next week. I’ve never been in a session anything like it!  In our hour-long class, sport conditioning coach, Marie Tessier, had us do some pre-run activation work, a solid warm-up, some intervals where we got some gait analysis feedback, and some Pilates and Core movement. Afterwards, I had a good chat with her about the inspiration for the studio and what she and Doctrine head coach Trev Williams are trying to offer runners & triathletes.

Q & A

Mary: What was the inspiration for the new running studio?

Marie: As a lifelong runner and a movement coach, I was seeing a gap in run programs. They are typically designed to make you faster or run longer distances, but they were not creating resilient runners who are less likely to get injured. Trev and I had talked at length with other runners and coaches on how to best address runners who needed more than work-out programs or fitness classes.  They needed training that helped them become more biomechanically sound, with the ability to apply real time feedback to their run program on a consistent basis.


Mary: What types of classes do you offer?

Marie: We offer three kinds of classes. There are 45-minute classes that are great for a time crunched runner or a triathlete who wants to do a focused brick session (this follows our noon indoor cycling class). There are one-hour evening classes and 90-minute long run sessions.

Mary: With respect to the classes listed above, who do they suit?

Marie: Really, our classes suit any runner (or someone who wants to become a runner) because everyone will benefit from the progressive nature of the classes coupled with the functional training that supports good gait patterns and biomechanics.  With that said, we don’t prescribe to any particular gait pattern.  You’ll never hear us say “you should run like (insert famous runner here) because they are fast.”  We work with you, where you are at with your running.  Triathletes in particular are juggling multiple disciplines and don’t have time to run mindless miles.  These classes have focus and purpose that start to transform your other runs whether they are on the track, trail or treadmill. The treadmill and data are tools to support any runner and any goal.


Mary: What kind of treadmills do you use and how do you collect the data?

Marie: We use commercial NordicTrack treadmills that go from a -3% decline to +15% incline and we provide each runner with a Garmin foot pod and Running Dynamics back sensor pod. Along with these awesome tools, we program the workouts using PerfPRO software (familiar to cyclists who have used Computrainers or other Smart Trainers) which reads your real time data collected from the foot and back pod sensors. We also collect heart rate data.

MaryDo you want to add anything Trev?

Trev: This studio has been a long time in the devising on how to best utilize the technology and the information on run analysis.  With the excitement around Ironman returning to Penticton we knew it was a great time to execute!  We know people can just go out and run but the likelihood of injury is much higher with longer distances and Calgary winter conditions.  People don’t want to leave their run to chance and risk and they definitely want to be on the start line feeling prepared.  While we did pull the trigger on this idea with the excitement of Ironman returning to its birthplace in Penticton, this program will benefit any runner who values one on one coaching and consistency.

Final Comments

I thoroughly enjoyed this unique running class and look forward to developing my ability to run well off the bike in The Generator Studio.  These sessions are a great compliment to the LYNX track sessions with Coach Amanda Regnier to prep for 2020 triathlon race seasons.

For more information about the Generator Run Studio email marie@thedoctrine.ca or register here