Are You Vegan Curious?

I am!

Last week I sat down to watch a movie and after searching 1,000 options on Netflix (🙄) I landed on The Game Changers. This 90 minute documentary in the sports & fitness category has a UFC fighter embarking on a journey to find the optimal diet for human performance and health. I currently eat meat, just about every day, and have no dietary allergies or restrictions. But, with so much talk lately about plant based diets and their consequent health benefits I watched the documentary with an open mind. I will not tell you any details here but when the movie was over, I was more curious. I’ve also heard there is another movie exploring the same topic called From the Ground Up. I have not watched it yet but plan to.

It’s tempting to “do a 180” when excited about an idea. I see it all the time, especially this time year, where a person attempts to change something in their life drastically via the all or none approach. I am guilty of this myself so I know from first hand experience that this method typically fails. After watching The Game Changers film I became so curious about its claims that I wanted to go “cold turkey” (err…no turkey) and immediately “go vegan” for a 7 day trial and see what I felt. But, to go from eating meat daily all the way to vegan was too big of bite to chew.

Vegan Friends To The Rescue!

That same day I saw an @triitmultisport post on Instagram about a plant based meal a day challenge for Jan 1 – 31. The intent of the challenge is to help people incorporate more plant based meals into their day to day diet. To embark on the challenge, all one has to do is go to and sign up to receive a daily email with a plant based recipe for you to make. Sounded like a great idea so I signed up.

Progress…this is day 2 and I have received 2 recipes in my inbox along with a good helping of inspiration from Richelle & Rose from Tri-it Multisport.  I will admit that I have not yet made either recipe but I plan to! Again, I refuse to adopt an all or none mentality on this. For me, I’m going to make a grocery list after I receive 5 emails and then shop with the intent to make all 5 recipes the following week. I might then do the “30 day challenge” in February. This is my plan but everyone should figure out what works for them.

With permission from Richelle, I’ve shared today’s email recipe so you can see a sample recipe…

There you have it! Perhaps you are curious as well?  If so, sign up! I’ll post again in a few weeks with a progress report. Hope everyone is off to a happy and healthy 2020!

~Coach Mary