In my first session with Coach Amanda,  we discussed some challenges I have in my day to day routine. I mentioned how during the day I sometimes sit at my desk in front of my laptop, for many hours at a time, without changing positions. Then when I finally get up, my body feels terrible. Based on this information, we started our 2nd session together doing some “mobilizations”. A mobilization can be defined as “making something movable or capable of movement”. To me, these mobilizations feel like dynamic stretches and they feel really good too! The three mobilizations I learned in this session I now do every single day and they are described in this post.

“90 / 90 Hip Mobilization”


When I first got on the ground to try this one, my hips were so tight I could barely get into this position where both legs are (or should be) at 90-degree angles. Once in this position, hold for about five seconds and then rotate to the other side.  To help transition to the other side, Amanda told me to lean back a bit. Repeat five times. After a week of doing this mobilization regularly, my hips feel less tight.

“Side Lying Rotation”


The second mobilization we covered felt even better than the first!  This side-lying rotation helps with thoracic spine extension and rotation and also serves as a fantastic chest opener. Start with your top leg bent to 90 degrees and resting on a foam roller. Next, keeping your leg pressed firmly on top of the roller, sweep your top hand, palm facing the ceiling (back of your hand on the ground), back over your head until it makes it to the other side to form a “T”. Hold this for about five seconds and then roll off your back and onto your side returning to your starting position with your hands stacked on top of each other. Repeat five times.

“Wall Angels”


The last mobilization, the “wall angel” is for the shoulders.  I’m not going to lie – the smiles in these last two photos are fake!  I have always thought that I have pretty good shoulder flexibility from years of swimming but this little exercise is surprisingly challenging!  To set up properly, you want to have your arms out at 90-degree angles and have your low back, elbows, head, and back of hands pressed firmly into the wall. WITHOUT letting your back or elbows come off the wall, the objective is to raise your hands over your head. This movement doesn’t look like much but, wow, you can really feel it!

My plan involves doing these mobilizations on a regular basis and during week two I have.  Give them a try and see what you think.

Coach Mary

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