Club member Matt shared this week’s Friday Favorite “Texas Chile” recipe.  It’s a bit different from any chili I’ve ever made but it recently earned him a “2018 Chili Cook-Off Champion” title so I think it is worth exploring!

Things that caught my attention:

  • No beans.  Although I enjoy beans in my chili, many people do not.
  • No tomatoes. I might be living a sheltered life, but I’ve never cooked or consumed a non-tomato based chili.
  • No ground beef. This chili recipe uses beef chuck.
  • No chili powder. Only dried chilis in this one.

This “True Texas Chili” recipe can be found online in Epicurious

Some additional comments form Matt – which may or may not have lead to his “Chili Cook-Off Champion” title:

“I used a combination of all three chili peppers listed and added some habaneros for some heat. Silk Road carries a great variety. I also added one large sweet potato, diced.”

He did include the Masa Harina. It can be found in the Mexican aisle of most grocery stores and he made this chili in an Instant pot.

Give it a try and see what you think!