It’s been three months…

Three months have passed since The Generator Run Studio opened its doors and I originally posted about it here.  Thought it would be a good time to provide an update. I’ve been taking the Thursday 1:05 pm class with Coach Marie Tessier for the last couple of months. I picked this class because my plan was to ride in The Engine Room studio beforehand from 12-1pm and then run immediately after getting off the bike. With Calgary winter weather my thought was to guarantee a safe run (indoors on a treadmill) and get a little feedback on my form. Turns out I typically can’t make the ride beforehand so the class is a stand alone run for me.

I love this class!

This session has become one of my favorites for a few reasons.  Some I expected, some I did not. After breaking my toe back in September and having Ironman Canada on my race schedule I knew I needed some guidance. I knew I would benefit from having Coach Marie, with her sport conditioning expertise, help me build my run back slowly and with good form. Initially I could only do some of the pre-run activation exercises and I had to walk but each session was adapted appropriately for me and for each person in the class. Other benefits:

  • Signing up for a class ensures I show up consistently
  • Training with others is more fun
  • Run intensity is progressive and personalized
  • Coach Marie assess biomechanics every session to encourage efficient technique
  • Seeing run metics like cadence, vertical oscillation, and stride length help identify when technique is starting change or degrade
  • Coach feedback and video

A picture is worth 1,000 words!

During video analysis sessions, swimmers often tell me that they are super excited to see themselves swim and scared to death at the same time. More often than not, they are stunned in that what they see is not what they think they are doing. This has been the case for me seeing myself run!  I watch people run all the time – on the track, when jogging on pathways, during races and most people look pretty good running. They look natural as if they are giving it zero thought. Not the case for me! I don’t make it look easy -my shoulders really creep up towards my ears and I don’t swing my arms or rotate much even though it really feels like I do!  The video feedback in class has helped me improve my kinaesthetic awareness while running – just like it helps swimmers tweak their stroke while swimming.

Marie’s coaching cues around biomechanics now cycle through my mind when I run:

  • Run tall, as if being lifted by my ponytail
  • Rock gently through the sternum / collarbone
  • Soft shoulder blades
  • Forward lean from the ankles

Running (my historically least favourite discipline in triathlon) has become exciting as each run is now mindful and with purpose whether it be in the treadmill studio, on the track with Coach Amanda, or on a path. And this is exactly the point of the studio! The goal is for you to learn about your individual gait pattern and biomechanics to help you become a more efficient and resilient runner. No more “mindless miles”! The treadmill, real time data, and coach feedback in a controlled environment (no snow and ice) support any runner and any goal. Just like with swimming analysis, an athlete can learn about their swimming /running technique in a controlled environment and then share it with their coach. This information can assist a coach in plan writing and coaching as they will get an understanding of what you need to work on with respect to technique.

Come check it out!

Coach Marie is offering small group sessions (2-4 athletes) to introduce people to what she does in the studio. In these hour long sessions, you will get some insight into your current running mechanics and habits. You will also learn what might be holding you back with respect to your running economy. The session is an introduction to how sessions in the treadmill studio can help you develop efficient gait patterns and biomechanics. In addition, the sessions start with pre-workout muscle activation and end with post-workout pilates based core and strengthening. Cost is $100 divided by the # of participants. If it’s you and a training buddy the cost is $50 each. If you are a group of four you each pay $25.

For more information about these “introduction to the studio” sessions please contact Coach Marie Tessier at