Glute & Core Workout Series

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Megan Sullivan, BA H. Kin, CAT(C), MSc.
Certified Athletic Therapist
Fascial Stretch Therapist: Level I
Functional Bracing

Have You Been Told to Activate Your Glutes/Core and Not Sure What That Means?

Join us for a 4-week glute x core workout series. You will complete a 45minute workout involving proper glute and core activation, as well as other effective therapeutic exercises. Lead by Megan, a Certified Athletic Therapist, you will have experienced eyes guiding you through this workout to ensure you are doing everything right! This is a great class to participate in pre-run, cycle, or swim to make sure those glutes and core are turned on before you start your training.

We will finish each class with a dynamic stretching sequence to prep you for your run along the river with Coach Mary. Dynamic stretching consists of shorter hold stretches and keeping the body moving to bring blood flow to those muscles. Tightness in the hip flexors, quads, glutes and hamstrings can all contribute to low back, knee and ankle pain and therefore, that is what we will target.

If you have an existing injury and/or pain, resulting from overuse, weakness, tightness or trauma, this class will account for that. You will be in a safe environment to perform rehabilitative exercises while incorporating a challenging yet effective workout. You will reap the benefits of these activation and strengthening exercises across all of the movements you perform daily, especially in your training!

Session Details:

  • Dates: Saturdays Feb 1, 8, 22, 29
  • Time: Class: 8:00 – 8:45am, Run 9:00 – 9:30am
  • Location: Journey Yoga Wellness in Bridgeland (Class) Along the Bow River (Run)
  • Cost: $75 for 4 week series, $20 to drop in
  • Contact Megan at to register.