Looking for a simple, straightforward strength session you can complete in less than 30 minutes? One where the only equipment required is your body weight and a bench or table? Well, this workout is for you!


5 Minutes

  • Begin with easy jogging in place, low knees
  • Build effort and add in some high knee jogging
  • During final minutes add in some dynamic hamstring stretching and arm circles



4 exercise circuit:

  • Do each exercise below 10x
  • After completing all four, rest for 1-2 minutes
  • Repeat 1x

Upper body exercise #1: Tricep Dips

  • Sit on the bench then move off it and support your weight with your arms
  • Legs out straight in front of you (harder) or bent (easier)
  • Set your shoulder blades down and back and open up your chest
  • Dip your bum down until your elbows are bent to 90 degrees and then push back up


Lower body exercise #2: Squats

  • Turn away from the bench and stand about a foot away
  • Extend arms out front, parallel to the ground
  • Squat until your bum just brushes the top of the bench (don’t sit!) and come back up


Upper body exercise #3: Bench push-ups (plyo optional)

  • Get into push-up position with your hands on the bench
  • Try not to let your lower back sink, or upper back round
  • Perform push-up and at the top, push off the bench to get some air (optional)


Lower body exercise #4: Single leg squats

  • Begin by sitting on the bench
  • Stretch out 1 leg ahead and lift it off the ground
  • Stand up using the other leg and then with control sit back down
  • Switch legs and repeat


After you have completed all four exercises, ten times each, two times through you’re done!

 Thank you Amanda Regnier for this quick bench circuit!


5 Minutes: Finish with some gentle stretching and get on with your day!