Post Contributed by Karleen Scase

As endurance athletes we have a training regime of stress followed by rest which is repeated time and time again. Successful training relies on the process of consistency which is driven by discipline. Discipline helps drive the consistency but when the mundane of the training appears we need to incorporate “fun” to help push our limits during training sessions. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to incorporate fun into your training sessions:


Music can trigger thoughts and emotions which lead to enhanced athletic performance. It can be used to focus our minds when facing discomfort in our training sessions. We encourage you as an athlete to assess yourself, find which type of music drives you and create playlists.

We encourage athletes to exercise caution when training outdoors with music. Safety first!


Coordinate training sessions with friends / team members when possible. Training with friends is empowering and educational. Everyone has their own experience and has something to offer along with the camaraderie. 


When facing that dreaded workout that can lead to procrastination build in small rewards. Add in something that will get you out the door. Think of your morning run as chasing the sunrise. That evening session as swimming as the sun goes down. Or even creating your own fresh tracks in the snow. Rewards are very individual so consider what makes you happy and add it into your sessions. 

Change the focus 

When faced with monotony, transform your plan. If you normally train in kilometres then switch to miles. If you schedule your runs based on time then switch to distance. Change up your outdoor run location or switch to a different pool. Shifting perspective for a short time can ignite consistency, drive and motivation. 

Incorporating “fun” into your training is a strategy that builds consistency. As well, being more engaged in sessions leads to increased satisfaction and the drive for more. Isn’t this what endurance training and racing is all about?

Happy Training!