Post contributed by Karleen Scase

Sometimes even the most planned out schedules get sidelined. Whether it is life getting in the way or injuries popping up, workouts do get missed and mentally we need to adjust for them.  

Below are a few strategies to manage your training when a workout is lost.


We need to understand and accept why we are missing the workout. Life’s responsibilities often cause us to miss training sessions. Remind yourself this is a typical part of life, and keeping a positive perspective is crucial. Acknowledge and accept this and move on. Embrace the hiccup in training rather than fight it, this will go a long way.  

Move On.

Don’t try and compress a week’s worth of workouts into a few days. This will not help your fitness, rather it can lead to overtraining complications. 


If you’re missing workouts because of family commitments view it as additional rest. If you’re missing workouts because of illness or injury, consider it a time to plan the best “back to training” regime to be stronger then before. Focus on areas that need some extra attention.

Don’t Panic.

Although you won’t gain any fitness while taking time off, you can miss multiple workouts without losing too much fitness. It won’t take you long to make up lost time. Remind yourself you have built a foundation that can stand a few missed workouts. 

Evaluate Appropriately. 

Review the workouts you missing, are they critical to your plan? If not simply move on. If they are key workouts, adjust and plan accordingly.

Seek Advice.

Sometimes it is hard to see through our clouded thoughts and be objective. Ask your coach or fellow athlete to help shed some objective advice on your situation. 

Missing workouts happen all the time and for any reason, it’s okay to let them go and acknowledge that training isn’t always perfect. We are adaptable and can move past those sessions.

Happy Training!